Special job, special needs.

Customized apparel for extreme rescue or tactical teams

High Angle SuitHigh Angle Rescue and Tactical Operations are hazardous occupations that require endurance, exceptional coordination and reflexes as well as precision equipment. CTG’s high-performance suits beat all competition in the characteristics required to do the job.  Fully made to measure and functionally perfect, they will help your team perform under the most difficult circumstances.

Made with CTG’s special bonded fabric which combines remarkable features not seen before, the customized suits are water repellant, lightweight and breathable for maximum comfort. The fabric is also stretchable for maximum mobility and abrasion resistant, for durability. Furthermore, the superior design of these customizable suits includes an oversized retractable hood that fits over the safety helmet to protect from the elements, integrated removable knee pads that do not diminish blood flow to the legs, hand warmer pockets on the abdomen, and zippered vents, to name a few. High Angle Suit


These high performance suits are now available in red, navy blue and black, with or without reflective strips and are a "must have" for high-angle rescue and tactical operations.

Screen printing and unit shoulder patch stitching also available.

High Angle Suit


  • Waterproof
  • Stretchable
  • Tear resistant
  • lightweightHigh Angle Suit
  1. High Angle Rescue
  2. Special ops / Tactical or Emergency Response Teams
  3. Marine Security / Water Rescue
  4. Investigations and inspections

Pocket sizes and positions are customizable in order to align them away from duty belts and harnesses.

Downloadable Measurement chart [click here]

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